Beginner Group Ride

Hi Group Ride Newbie!

We are stoked you want to try out group training rides. Which is why we now have group rides just for you. The first Sunday of each month, starting April 3rd, we will have a group ride starting from the shop at 9am. The pace will be determined by the slowest rider in the group, however be prepared to keep a pace that will make it difficult to speak. (If you can chat, you can ride faster!) Length will be approx. 20 miles. If the pace is fast, we might go further, if slow, shorter. Before the ride starts we will go over the basics of ride safety so please be on time!

There are a few requirements that you have:
-Road Bike! Don’t have one? Ask about borrowing a Liv bike for the ride!
-Helmet (of course!)
-Flat repair kit (you don’t have to know how to change a flat, but it helps!)
-Credit card or cash for coffee, etc
-Water bottle(s)
-While not required, we recommend wearing clipless shoes, and a cycling jersey & padded shorts. This is the most comfortable clothing for the bike ride.

We want you to be safe & have FUN on your first (or 2nd or 3rd) group training ride so please read one (or all!) of the following guides to group rides before your first.