Ballard Market Pannier:
If you’re rolling up on to your local farmer’s market or your 9 to 5 on a bike, this is the perfect pannier to take with you. The padded tote handles make it easy to carry and, best of all, they convert to adjustable backpack straps for comfortable transport of heavier loads. Two simple yet sturdy pannier clips attach to your rack for the ride home, and a lightweight waterproof base keeps your bag dry from street spray.

Freemonster Flap:
Ready to haul your laptop, notebooks and change of clothes, the Fremonster is an urban commuter’s dream.Throw it over your shoulder or use the simple clips to attach it to your rack. The front pocket is perfect for a U-lock, and the zippered flap design plus water-repellent fabrics provide an extra bit of resistance to the elements. Price: $90

For those looking for a seamless transition on and off the bike, this versatile handlebar bag is sure to please. The Glovebox is an accessory case, navigation assistant and travel wallet all in one, with interior loops and card slots to keep essentials organized. Its functional top window fits larger smartphones, including the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.
Price: $32


Back Roller:
Rear pannier with roll closure, QL1-system up to 16mm; PVC-coated polyester fabric, inner pocket, large reflectors. Optional accessories: carrying system, outer pocket size S, can be combined with Rack-Pack size S and M on the rear rack.

Front Roller Plus:
The universal luggage solution for your bicycle: the ORTLIEB Front-Rollers. Winners without exception through years of testing in outdoor and specialist magazines, they have also been proven excellent in extreme real-life tests by highly ambitious bikers all over the world. They transport your luggage on the left and right side of the front wheels respectively, giving optimal weight distribution and high protection. Their robust fabric, ample volume, and extremely low weight make them perfect for extended bike tours, as well as daily use from home. The air tight roll closures, the shoulder strap, and the ORTLIEB QL system prove that easy solutions are also the most convenient ones. Also great as rear panniers on smaller bikes. Price: $160

With the Bike-Shopper all of your groceries can be brought home safely. It’s a spacious shopping bag (single) with ORTLIEB’s QL2 mounting system for rack diameters up to 16mm. The bag has a waterproof Quick Seal closure, adjustable shoulder strap, and a padded carrying handle.
Price: $100.00


Loop pannier Bag:
All business on the front, all function on the back. The Loop’s elegant bike attachments offer a no-compromise approach to biking to work with your favorite gear. With weatherproof fabrics, reflective accents, and lots of pockets. Includes shoulder strap.

Corned Series Armitage Satchel:
The Armitage Yoga Satchel blends beauty and functionality with urban style. Its extendable front straps give you the option to carry a yoga mat on the days when you don’t want to grab a separate bag before heading to the studio.

Midway weekender in Sky Stripes:
The Midway’s spacious interior and separate shoe compartment on the bottom makes it the ideal bag for a weekend away. Doubles as a gym bag. With weatherproof fabrics, reflective accents, and lots of pockets. Includes shoulder strap.

Logan Trunk Bag:
The Logan makes it easier to carry your belongings with you on the days you bike by securely sitting on your bicycle’s rear rack and then easily detaching to be taken with you throughout your day. With weatherproof fabrics, reflective accents, and lots of pockets. Includes shoulder strap.

Pilsen Bungee Handbag:
The Pilsen’s unique shape gives you a lot of handbag in a cute and compact design. The bungee cord accents can be used to carry things like a yoga mat or a jacket. With weatherproof fabrics, reflective accents, and lots of pockets.

Roscoe waxed cansva:
The Roscoe features a flat profile equipped with lots of organization pockets, making it the perfect companion for traveling and maneuvering through crowds. Fits an iPad and made of weatherproof fabrics.

Six Corners Handlebar bag strips:
Inspired by summer joyrides and spontaneous evening outings, the roomy Six Corners easily attaches to your handlebars so you have what you need on and off your bike. Made with weatherproof fabrics and includes cross-body strap.