Introducing Club BFF!
Club BFF was created to offer organized rides with a heaping helping of comradery. Its aim is to get more women riding by providing a fun and supportive group to ride with. Club BFF is for all levels of riders. Whether you are a beginner and just starting to go on longer rides, or you are a seasoned century rider, Club BFF wants you! Scroll down for full details.

Friends with Benefits
For those who want to show their BFF love and sport our adorable BFF gear, we have a Best Friend club membership option. Become a Best Friend by buying the Club BFF jersey, socks, and water bottle. This gets you a 10% off discount everything in the store (excluding new bikes) as well as discounts on service and bike fits! Also get invitations to Best Friend only sales and sneak peak events.

But You’re Really in it for the Rides…
Club BFF is all about rides! We wanted to find a place for ALL women, young and old, athletic or not so much, to have a group to ride with. If you are newer to long distance riding or have been riding a while, but don’t want to hang on to the back of a fast team ride, Club BFF rides are for you!

We will have rides at a couple of different paces: leisure and endurance.

Leisure Rides
Great for those new to longer distance riding or those who prefer a slower, leisurely pace. Expect to spend 2-6 hours with a lunch break.
Average Pace: 10-14 MPH
Average Distance: 10-30 miles

Endurance Rides
These rides are for people who enjoy keeping a brisk pace and like to keep pressure on the pedals.
Average pace: 14-18 mph
Average Distance 30-75 miles

All rides leave from BFF and will be posted on our calendar and listed below. We will create events on Facebook and the Illinois Women’s Cyclist Meet-up page.

All riders are required to ride with a helmet, and carry flat fix kit (tube or patch, tire levers, pump or C02), phone, ID, and credit card.

Interested in being a ride organizer, leader, or sweep? Contact Annie at and get extra special perks for helping out!