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Liv like a Vos.

We are in love with Liv Bicycles. So is Marianne Vos, the fastest woman cyclist in the world, and arguably the world’s best cyclist, man or woman. No matter where you are in your relationship with bikes, from the first flirtation to a passionate love affair, Liv has the bike for you. The entry level Avail 5 road bike is well under $1000, and will take you to work and on long weekend rides.

To take it up a notch, Liv has many iterations of this same frame design in aluminum and carbon fiber.

If you are ready for something truly next level, take the plunge and get hitched to the very bike that Ms Vos, the fastest woman the world rides, the Giant Envie. This is the world’s first aero road bike designed for women. The Envie is the perfect bike for triathlons, century rides, racing and training.